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Beautiful and Useful

Do you have a keychain for your company? If yes, it’s probably wooden or plastic and just sits there and does nothing. Well, these new keychains not only look cool, but can act as a walking advertisement. Your keychains will be professionally designed and 3D printed using the latest technology, enabling customers to simply tap and go.

Forget QR Codes

Let's face it, QR codes are ugly. We get that they can be useful, but what if you're in a low-light location? The camera can't read it. What happens when you want to change the URL? You need to print off a whole new set of QR codes. With so many disadvantages to QR codes, our new NFC-enabled keychains will change the game in link-sharing.

We're Configurable

With our NFC-enabled keychains, users just need to tap their phones against it, and voilà, they are automatically sent to your website. What happens when your URL changes? Simply log into our website and change the URL to which the NFC chip will redirect. While we're at it, we also have the ability to link multiple URLs to a single keychain so you can have your users select where they'd like to go after tapping.

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General Pricing Structure

Minimum Order:
50 keychains
Setup Fee:
$0 - $250 (Depending on design and requirements)
Estimated Pricing:
50-100 Units: $5/keychain
101-250 Units: $4/keychain
250+ Units: $3/keychain
Flat Rate